About us

The Tourist Organization of Arandjelovac (TOA) is a public service of the Municipal Assembly, established to undertake the activities closely related to development, promotion and protection of economy and tourism on Aranđelovac territory.

Developed from the former Tourist Federation, the TOA started its activities on June 30th, 1994.

The aim and mission of the TOA is to gather all relevant information on tourist services, manage the tourist organization and accommodation and promote Aranđelovac as a tourist destination in fairs of tourism, through the media and other available means.

The TOA performs the following activities:

  • Development and promotion of tourism
  • Development of the program regarding the construction of tourist infrastructure and designing of outdoor public areas
  • Coordination and cooperation with all participants and stakeholders in Aranđelovac tourist offer (companies, other towns…)
  • Preparation of the annual activities agenda in line with the Tourism Development Strategy of Serbia.
  • Provision and distribution of informative and promotional material (printed publications, leaflets, internet presentations, audio and video recordings, souvenirs etc.) aiming at further increasing and developing of the tourist values of Aranđelovac
  • Accummulation and publication of all information on tourist offer and other tourism related activities
  • Provision of assistance in organization of all tourist, scientific, professional, sports or cultural events and similar activities
  • Organization of tourist information centres, provision of free and useful information to the tourists, accumulation of all necessary tips and info on tourist offer of the town, presentation of tourist offer, delivery of notifications on possible tourist complaints to the competent bodies.