Horse riding

Want to break away from the stress of the city and feel the magic of nature? Do you enjoy the scenery? Visit historic sites? Learn to ride? Feel the romance of the feudal lounge?


Horseback riding & carriage driving

Saddle up for a front-row view of majestic and captivating Šumadija’s scenery. Get back to nature on a horseback along the lake shores and forest paths up to the mountains’ top, across “stone mountain” to medieval monasteries and back to Orašac and other famous historical sites. Experience an unforgettable opprotunity to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Escape from everyday stressful life indulging in natural beauties
Enjoy majestic scenery
Visit historical sites
Learn riding on a horseback
Experience magical romantic moments in a carriage

One day horse riding with lunch will provide you an added comfort and memorable experience

Basic horse riding or carriage driving lessons will introduce you to essentials of horse riding and prepare for desired trails on a horseback

Children packages

A wide range of packages and activities have been included in our offer.

For more adventuresome guests

Have a gallop through unbridled outdoors, forests, downhills and discover the excitiment of riding in the water.

Garaši lake

Explore the mountain paths and wide open space on a horseback. Have a rest, indulge yourself in nature and meet little forest inhabitants. Go down to beautiful Garaši lake and enjoy unique scenery.

Bukulja – an observation point

Sit comfortably in a carriage or on a horse saddle and have a go through oak or beech forest up to an observation point from where you can watch the beautiful sunset in the evening. The view from the top is tremendous – it seems as if mountains Rudnik, Suvobor, Maljen, Ovčar, Kablar, Kosmaj, Avala, the Gružanske mountains and Pomoravlje were within the reach.


Visit a historical village Orašac on a horseback. Try to feel the eagerness of Serbian people for the Uprising. Explore Serbian traditional cuisine.

St.Michael the archangel monastery in brezovac

Follow the trails of “Marble Mountain” and reach the Monastery, founded by the last Serbian despot in 1444, Đurađ Branković.


Get to Topola, a small town near Aranđelovac, riding along mountain paths through romantic wineyards and vast meadows.


– Tourist and trail riding per hour – 2,000.00 RSD
– Driving in a carriage per hour (2-3 persons) – 3,000.00 RSD
– Basic riding lessons (45 min) – 1,000.00 RSD
– Basic driving lessons (45 min) – 2,000.00 RSD
– Basic riding lesson for children (10-30 min) – 800,00 RSD


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